If I were a boy.. and rich.

So this has been a much blogged/talked about subject but not for me! Yes, James Franco. I think if I was male and famous I would be James Franco. Why? Because he is random, he doesn’t believe in sleep (hence falling asleep in random places) and when not making movies he paints, takes a bajillion classes and has to be force fed by his assistant !? Here is why I think I would be him, I have always said I would just go to school and learn cool/fun/interesting things and travel everywhere if I won the lottery and didn’t have to work. I also paint and craft and what not. I never sleep (night owl syndrome) I too fall asleep in class (but who doesn’t) My best friend Ashley threatened to force me to drink liquids (because I never do or drink enough) I just wanna go to school, for totally random unrelated things, much like Franco. I have a motorcycle license (He has a pilot license) I too have been called weird or “quirky” my whole life, much like he has. In fact the more things I read about him the more I think we would get along really well. I’m just as random. Here is an article link : ┬áLets Franco!


Also 23 random facts: Wow!

And of course I love me some Steven interviews:

Part 1

Part 2

Cheers !

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