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The Wall


“Having hit a wall, the next logical step is not to bang our heads against it.”- Stephen Harper.

Whether the wall is a physical one(visible) or an emotional one(invisible) we all are facing a wall of some kind. These walls separate us from our goals, desires, forward movement, and even other people. It is interesting to note that the  non-physical can literally stop us in our tracks. Among the lies we tell ourselves  are fear and worry. These two things have an especially good knack for stopping us from what we really want. Because of these negative emotions and their mind games we  tend to lose the ability to move in  a forward direction. Beyond  this wall is a more positive self image that will spurn us upward and onward! To change  the circumstance, we need to change our self image. The  trifecta of anger, complaints, and ungratefulness is a sure road to failure. It is  with a positive self image and thankfulness that we’ll find the keys to success. However, this is more then just positive thinking, we literally must change our self image in order to succeed. This is not an easy feat, especially when you’re caught in the midst of circumstances you hate. The trick is, by finding things you are grateful for in  the middle of  life’s storms, they will hold less power over you and  their effects won’t be so devastating. This in turn will open up an in road beyond the wall that you face.  By recognizing your strength rather then weakness, the good over the bad, and taking a reflective moment each day to see these things, you’ll be well on your way beyond the wall that is stopping you. Be the victor rather then  the victim, and the healed rather then the sick!

see your way through it!


Knights Wanted.


“True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful”-Paul Sweeney.

If you’ve subscribed to  fail before you’ve even begun, your already a loser. Unfortunately people inherently enjoy seeing others fail. Therefore, this planet  has a serious lack of one key component for growth, and that  is the benefit of encouragement. All too often people  believe what they’re told they cannot do or achieve. Perhaps I’m disillusioned but I find   having the attitude of completely ignoring these naysayers allows you to  move forward, rather than remain stagnant. If you want to witness  a place that has the largest  amount of untapped potential, you should visit a graveyard. Because this defeatist attitude some people acquire is deadly, and can last a lifetime.  Consider all those people that believed they couldn’t, thus remaining a vessel carrying  about large amounts of untapped potential. All of us are capable of achieving our dreams in the face of adversity(whatever that may be. Your more than just a person, but also an overcomer! Against the odds and even logic, by adopting this attitude you can be a force of positive change. Whether  that change is in your own life or others, don’t hesitate to be stubborn or steadfast in the belief that you can reach your goal. In  fact don’t think that  setting the bar high is unachievable for you. Because, as evidenced by reaching my own bar(see here) it definitely is not! This is why it’s so crucial to be in an environment of support, love, and positivity.  Where  there is  strife and negativity, that little voice in your head espousing failure is  free to run wild. Sadly, most people won’t believe that they can overcome the odds until they’ve either   a) done it or b) grown up in a supportive environment. However, if you  don’t believe me, I offer up my own story as proof positive that you can indeed and  will overcome the  battles of life when you adopt the right attitude   and belief.

Cheers and onward!


the golden touch.


“Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.

– Charles Dickens.”

How many friends do you have? I’m not speaking of Facebook, Instagram or social media, but  actual friends. We cross paths with  and touch hundreds of people every year. This didn’t become so obvious to me until I landed in the ICU of an upstate New York Hospital. An  online  fundraiser was started for me, and who were the majority of donors? Well, not many of them were  close friends, surprising?  Yes!  Instead, they were the girl I had crossed paths with once in my work and charmed, the group of  lovely friends in Brooklyn that I played beer pong with once  in their loft, a group of pretty girls I took a pin-up  class with in New York City, family members and best friends of people(ie my boyfriend at the time) that loved me. Even people I worked with or had worked with contributed. As many  of my friends  that gave, so did people  who I had crossed paths with before  the  stroke occurred. Some of these near perfect strangers even wrote in loving(some funny)things with their donations.  Not only was I peasantly surprised by the outpouring of love,but even more so the reactions I received from those I had met only once(or twice). I  couldn’t believe they remembered me, much less that I left such an impression. What if   I had been grumpy,unfriendly,or unapproachable that day instead? It was obvious that you never know who your going to meet, and  how they’ll react to(and remember) you. Little did I know at the time, that each of these beautiful souls could easily have been  some of my very close friends! This also begs the question “ How would you like to be remembered?  We all want to be remembered fondly, and I just happened to get a glimpse of my own rememberence. This clearly showed me that, you  should not take your presence for granted. Because you affect far more then you know. I left a lasting impression not because of what happened to me, but rather because of who I am as a person. These people remembered a friendly,fun,relatable girl. We  can all leave such impressions. How? By waking up each day, embracing it, being grateful for our lives, and holding onto our childlike wonder. Moreover  by letting go of our fears or worries  and taking life head on, because after all We only have one!

 go out and cause a positive effect,