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heart of a lion

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.” -unknown.

I’m not courageous it’s just that sometimes that’s your only choice. There are two types of people when the situation becomes dire, there are those that will  let the wave of bad circumstance overcome them, and  those that will choose to overcome the circumstance. Rather then hide from the world it is better to go out and meet it. Everyday you engage  with and enjoy life  is a battle won. You have to fight  many small  battles before you can win the whole thing. In facing your fears and choosing to  be seen rather then invisible you’ll find healing. Those who have made their namesake last throughout history did so by jumping into the unknown, facing their fears, and choosing to stand up when others sat  down. The best stories are when the underdog or  the “little guy,” come out on top. However, we often forget  that many of those stories are true. We love those stories, because at one point or another we’ve all been that character. When faced with a giant monster of a problem, in our fear we forget that monsters can be killed. Rather then letting the wave of doom and gloom pull you under, why not  choose to ride it onto better things instead?    You  should  dictate the situation(or illness) and not let the situation dictate you. Even when  outwardly everything seems against you, you can choose to see your way out of it. The human spirit is indomitable. Just as a talented musician plays their instrument, it does not play them. When I’ve met those with a warrior soul, they’re people that  saw a bad circumstance as a challenge, and sought to  beat it.

it’s only a challenge!

The source


“Faith. It does not make things easy, it makes them possible.” -unknown.

From time to time people tell me I’m amazing or very strong,but  it is the source of how I became this way that deserves a  mention. If I was unaware of how loved I am, my confidence could falter, and I might actually buy into that little voice in my head that attempts to negate me. Many of us have that small voice that likes to tell   us  that  we can’t accomplish  anything, were not good enough,or that something will never happen   that we desire. Unfortunately, for some people that  small voice can  seem much  bigger than it  is. I’ve learned that the negative voice is just a like a lion walking around roaring seeking whom He may devour(Peter 5:8). If you stand strong  against it, and speak the opposite of what it tries to tell you, it will wither away with it’s tail between it’s  legs. You can only be devoured if you do nothing  and accept it. Therefore, stand strong on the knowledge that you’re worthy and loved. It’s much more difficult to push over a  house that’s  laid it’s foundation on a rock. So stand firm and  move ever forward on your path to victory, whatever that may be for you.  My strength comes from  the knowledge of God. I have experienced  a miracle, and seen  too many small ones along the way, not to take notice that I have  someone looking out for me(on Earth  and in the sky!) In that I have found continual strength to face the day and persevere.  If I was completely unbelieving or unaware, I don’t think I would be as far along as I am. In fact I would’ve  been committed to  a psych ward by now(this almost happened, almost) Before I had a massive stroke, my  Sundays were reserved for sleeping in, or whatever else I wanted to do. However, armed with the knowledge of the light of the universe(God,love) I’ve stayed strong on my path  of recovery.  Even when the darkness seems to  envelope you, there is always   a small light that it cannot completely overcome. For example, imagine  a windowless  auditorium  in which there is a single lightning bug(see here) flying around. Every eye in attendance would drift to that little bug, and no matter how dark the darkness is, it  can’t put out the light  coming from  it.

be  that  little bug!