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H.E double hockey sticks.

“My favorite driver is always either the bad guy or the underdog.” -Bo Jackson.

  John Colone has always been in on the joke. In fact, most likely He orchestrated it. Hell, Michigan has not only been the catalyst for many events, and caused some local controversies, but it’s also a place that champions the underdog. Wayward travelers, misfits, survivors, and tourists from all over the world visit this tiny town. There is not only an atmosphere of mischief, but of acceptance. Have crazy colored hair? Welcome.  Physically disabled? Welcome. A massive stroke survivor? Welcome.   All are welcome, and if you are a misfit of society, all the better. This is because, not only is there no discrimination in the town of Hell, they understand survivors. The struggle is real, and many who populate this place, from tourists to “Hellbillies.” get it.  The attitude is refreshing and not often found outside of  the borders of Hell. Imagine a place where you are given a chance to do something different, to be who you are, and to succeed. Well, then maybe you should get a job in town, I just did! Yup. After spending  countless hours putting my efforts into finding  employment the traditional way, at the usual places….. All I had to do was go down the street! Because right around the corner from me, is Hell. Michigan. I considered secretary positions, jobs related to my field of expertise(medical) and technological jobs.  However, I ultimately landed in the place I need to be at this time.  You know the saying “If you build it they will come?” Well, John built a town based on a punchline and over the years Good Morning America has passed through, Netflix, The Travel Channel, and even Sundance.  I suspect all the attention is the result of more than a funny name. Because, just like the charm of a stranger or honey to a bee, Hell has a natural magnetism. An energy that can be better understood if you spend any length of time here. Even more so if you meet the man behind the curtain. If you’d like to check it out more  visit  or drop by in person and say Hello. Perhaps, I’ll see you there!

Hell is where the heart is.

Well… sort of… actually I live in a place.. called Michigan, and within that mitten shaped state a place called Hell. Hell Michigan, and yes its a real place, near Ann Arbor, which is near-ish to Detroit and Ferndale and Royal Oak and all the places of my old stomping grounds. I moved there when I was 18 from a suburb of Detroit. This weekend I was able to go home and it was lovely, so here is a quick picture diary, come, hop a plane with me…

Moving side walks.. I have always and will always love least until the day as an old woman in an airport my cane catches and I fall face first in my orthopedic shoes into the moving vertical lines… but.. even then I will probably still like them..

Dorothy had ruby slippers, well I have my own version.

A neighbor near by (as in way down the road) had a little stand up in their yard, you leave money in the can and bag it up yourself. Yes, I lived in apple pie town, where people are pretty trusting and the Mcdonalds is even really nice. This type of stand is not unusual and reminds me of why I like home so much, I could have taken a million pictures…

When I was 18 I worked in Hell. It was probably the only place that would hire me actually seeing as I had neon pink hair at the time… this is believe it or not a decent tourist draw and biker hang out (weird mix) and I was actually flashed a couple times by some biker “babes” ( I use that term loosely) in the store much to my abject horror. Ohhh, bikers. The store is a mix of lots of random halloween stuff, t-shirts with clever Hell puns and.. icecream.. really good icecream actually, and I ate it all day long. So of course first stop off the plane was ice cream in Hell.

This is rather accurate.

Afterwards we went swimming….

It was probably the last nice day of summer and unfortunately as they say Labor Day weekend is the last summer weekend.. my heart sinks a bit at the thought. (Even though Fall is my favorite its followed too closely by the W word…)

The following day we had a huge BBQ and bonfire with the majority of my family which was nice but quite a bit of work for my parents.. but they are total sweethearts and made it happen. I also got to see my kitties ! They are both Sphynx Cats and everyone thinks they are aliens or the cutest cats ever. I think both. I love my alien cats. I hope everyone else had a nice weekend too ! Happy um… Tuesday? Back to work I presume? Well then.. HOP TO IT !

(This frog hitched a ride on my jeans, little suction cup fingers…)