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Margarita Monday hooray!

Instead of sliding through the week feeling stuck  why not pepper it with some fun new things!? Because,  a new week does mean a fresh  5 days and 120 hours  of new possibilities. Therefore, take advantage and use them well! Here’s a list of seven things that should be on your radar, one for each day!
#1)  My Fitness Pal

As if you need another useless  app cluttering  up your phone,well  if you actually use  this one, it’s nearly indispensable! My great Grandmother   stayed slim Her entire life(all 97 years of it) by keeping track of calories on paper in a little book. This app does the same thing but makes it incredibly easy and useful.  Since I found myself less mobile  and active since the stroke, this has been keeping me slim too, even losing weight! Therefore, I highly recommend it. If you aim to live a healthy  lifestyle this makes it a whole lot easier. Especially if you live in the fat laden American culture, this will help you opt out of it. So get  downloading and make life healthier and your body happy!
#2) Starbucks Roastery  NYC

Starbucks Roastery photographed on March 10, 2016. (Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

Starbucks Roastery photographed on March 10, 2016. (Joshua Trujillo, Starbucks)

As if Starbucks hasn’t nearly taken over Manhattan and the  World enough already. They’re planning a 20,000 square foot roastery  in the meat packing district much like the one they have in Seattle. Now instead of waiting in long lines, you can spend the whole afternoon there! Or you could just pick up a latte from one of their over 200 locations found in  the city.
#3) This video
Perhaps I should be glad I didn’t have siblings?
#4) Crown and Glory

Co-founded by   alternative wedding blogger babe  Kat Williams  this whimsical and beautiful hair accessory line fills a  much needed niche! Flower crowns may not be considered essential but they so should be! Not only does it draw attention to you for all the right reasons, but it seriously brightens up  the day for everyone.
#5) lulu organics

Let’s be honest not only is washing your hair everyday a pain, but it’s also not  good for it! Those oils on your scalp are there for a reason. However, you can find a happy balance by not washing it  all the time. Enter, dry shampoo sprays  and powders. This little product is a savior to all low maintenance ladies and hung over rock stars everywhere. Just spray your roots on those in between days, and wallah , back to a head of happy hair! It’s even better when it  doesn’t harm your skin or the environment. Not to mention, its creator has a tree house how cool is that!?
#6) Strawberry Basil  Popsicles
This list is not complete without a tasty treat and this one  happens to be awesome!
I came across these at a local food and flea market, which  spurred me to buy some rocket pop molds and get to freezing  strawberries! That and it was Summer after all.Find the recipe right here Ladies and Gents.
#7) Career Girl  Daily App

I know, I know another app. The difference is, where one works on the internal this one works on the external! This one is especially useful if you’re a  career minded female. Not to mention, it has loads of helpful reading material and may actually offer you some inspiration.
Lastly, Cheers! Sip on this smoky  Summer watermelon number.
Find the recipe here.

Margarita Monday

Wait, am I really suggesting we celebrate Mondays!? Well, Yes!

Because, if you really think about it, it’s like  Father Time gave us a New Year every week in the form of the beginning of it. Which  would be… ? Monday. Now ya’ got it.

In  lieu  of this  new information, I’m listing seven things that should be on your radar. One for each day of the week. Enjoy!

#1)Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday


If you  didn’t grow up with

the zany character Paul  Reubens created, I’m sorry because it’s pretty awesome.

Although I would’ve liked his holiday to be longer it was  still fun! If you missed it, no worries because it’s  on Netflix. Not to mention, in 2011 little did I know Pee Wee was in my city and I could’ve met him! Life goal missed… but I digress it’s okay He’s with me in spirit.

#2) A kid that shares his toys!


There’s nothing like the purity and innocence you have as a child and this one is awesome.

How sweet that He recognizes that the World  could use some smiles, amen to that!

Not to mention, I so want a rubber ducky from him. What can I say? I like bath time.

#3) The Flying Monkey Bakery Philadelphia.

635930027364225047-1698768606_Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.58.41 PM


Get ready to say yippie for whoopie! Firstly, I got to buy moon pies from a girl in a cape that did burlesque in NY on the side.

And secondly, how cool is that!?   They also have a kooky creation that’s a pie inside of a cake! It’s like the pastry equivalent of turducken. Check them out at Philadelphia’s Reading Market or online here.

#4) Janes  Carousel, in Brooklyn  Bridge  Park


I  have always had a “thing,” with carousels(as in I must ride as many as possible in varying locations) and when I found out about this vintage beauty I had to ride it, so I did. See that here, and learn more about  the carousel here. Not to mention, Martha Stewart is a fan. Therefore, everyone is welcome(even convicts!

#5) Art & Beer  in Baja Mexico


I have only seen pictures but my God I have no doubt this place is awesome!

Therefore, if your lucky enough to find yourself in Baja(I haven’t been) give this place a look and pour one out for your homie(me) just don’t waste too much beer. Check out this  video of the place narrated by some cute voyaging vixens here.

#6) Dior  Backstage Eyeliners


Just in case you forgot(or didn’t know in the first place) many moons ago Dior

released a very expensive set of “reusable,” eyeliner patches. Word on the street is that they’re generally too large for the eye and the glue is irritating. Therefore, I got mine on Ebay baby.! I have yet to use them, but I find so far imagining how beautious I’ll look in them does just as swell.  Either way this is definitely a  makeup “investment,” piece.

#7) Miss Dior parfume


More Dior? I know!

But  have you actually smelled this scent!?

It’s definitely one of my favorites. I wish computers offered scratch and sniff for this one.

Not to mention, they call it Miss so it makes me feel young.(haha-ha.

At the ripe  “ old age,” of 32 I’ll  take what I can get.

Last but not least, the drink!


Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.32.17 PM



good food, good places.

 I Thought I’d do something a little different, and give you all a new “taste,” of this blog(pun intended.


First on  the platter is Rue 57  New York.  with a deliciously rich atmosphere,and it’s fair share of celebrity sightings it’s no wonder this  midtown Manhattan  eatery is  full of patrons.                                                

                                             Rue 57 offers  everything  from brunch to sushi, the service is attentive and  timely. The presentation of the food is lovely, and more importantly everything is prepared perfectly at this French American Brasserie in the heart of the city. The kitchen, overseen by chef Rich Robson churns out  dishes  from eggs florentine  or  brioche french toast to duck ala orange, and bread pudding. There isn’t much you can’t get at this delectable dining spot.

#2)The Dor-Stop Restaurant, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.


If you prefer quaint and homey to rich and fancy this place should be your second stop!

The Dor-Stop Restaurant in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is a breakfast fan favorite.

The atmosphere  is casual and feels more like  your home town diner, even if your from out of town. Don’t discriminate it based on looks alone however. Famous for being featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, this place packs a punch for your tastebuds into it’s tiny booths. The coffee is warm and the rasberry french toast is sweet. Not to mention, the prices are reasonable and their breakfast  selection is hard to beat.

In keeping with the home town vibe, if yours is in Poland then your sure to love this next place!

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 12.40.31 PM

#3) Podhalanka in Chicago, has  an old world with a  circa 1956 Poland feel. It’s a  Polish diner owned   for a quarter of a century by a woman from Krakow,and located in the city’s old Polish Triangle. Yet another quaint  place, serving up authentic home cooked Polish meals.

For a more coastal(and warm) atmosphere, let’s head to Half Moon Bay in California.

Here in this serene and beautiful space you’ll find Sam’s Chowder House.

#4) Sam’s Seafood Market and restaurant  at Half Moon Bay, Palo Alto California.


You know a place is good when a television show( Good Morning America) on the opposite side of the country reports on their food. In this case it’s the best lobster rolls I and many others have possibly ever had. The internet is rife with recipes trying to duplicate it’s greatness. However, nothing is quite like the real thing. Not to mention  the location and atmosphere, is  well worth the drive to this seaside Seafood Market and restaurant on the Pacific Ocean. The views are glorious, the fare(in this case sea creatures) are fresh and the price is also reasonable.

Speaking of  our fishy friends, get ready for some of the best sushi and it’s stateside!(go America,go)

#5) Totoro Sushi Ann Arbor, Michigan.



imgresNot only  does this artistic(former very hippie)town offer good shopping,and tasty drinks but great sushi too! They have a variety of rolls and they’re always fresh. A personal favorite of mine is the yam-yam roll(hello sweet potato goodness!) If your not a local, no need to worry as it’s easy to find, right off of State street and next to an Urban Outfitters(I did say shopping didn’t I?

If you like shopping, then you know about New York City. However, your probably unaware of a lesser known(and equally great) place that’s just a hop skip, or a   zipcar away.


#6) The Frog and the Peach, New Brunswick New Jersey. This place boasts all of the swank(valet parking anyone) with none of the attitude. Not just the  main  entrees are delicious, but so is the bar. During happy hour(4:30-6:30) you can enjoy bar food such as mini croissant wrapped kobe beef hot dogs(so good!) with a delicious drink. Not bad at all for a swanky place such as this. Even though it’s off the beaten path from New York, don’t discount the possibilities New  Jersey has to offer. As well as it’s lesser known delicious dining  destinations.

Last but not least some yummy eats that are far from the East!

#7) Boudin Bakery and Cafe.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.03.06 PM

Ah San Fransisco,

Your hills,your  iconic bridge,the flower children,and the salty air in your yeast!?  Yup, the San Fransisco air does something a little bit  special to it’s famous sour dough bread. Which is why you should try some while your there. Enter Boudin Bakery and Cafe. These can be found dotted around San Fransisco and serving up it’s tasty bread along with soups and sandwiches. Move over Panera, because here comes your  laid back and hipper older sibling.

Cheers! live well and eat well,


Some people give me the creeps.

Happy Saturday !! So I had quite an eventful one and I hope yours was too. I woke up earlier than usual and picked up a package from the post office.. after that I headed into the city on my Vespa with my roomie (= We went to the Upper West Side and ate at a place called Big Nicks.. (delicious). On the way there we took a route over the Queensboro bridge and thru Central Park, it was an absolutely beautiful ride and Fall day ! On the way home however.. we got rained out. We were soaked to the bone but it was a lot of fun anyhow, a bus driver even opened her window to tell us to be careful ahahah.. anyway after I dried up I went back to the city to wander and for a show… here are some goodies I found on the way..

Near the flatiron they were having live music in Madison Square park and an outdoor food event… I got bacon and maple syrup macaroons ! I thought I could die happy after that, two of my likes collided. I also got a nutella and hazelnut one too.. Mmmmm Mm! I stumbled across a new design store as well that opened a few hours before I got there for their debut.. so cool. Its a finnish design company that is making a come back, originally popular in the 60’s and 70’s (I knew it reminded me of mod era style for some reason) totally cool. Marimekko. 

(The outdoor foodie market)


After this I hopped on the subway to Union Square where they were also having their usual Farmers Market.. I wandered around a bit and came across the Andy Warhol monument.. someone had thrown a can of tomato soup across it which I first thought was terrible but then decided good for photos.

I’m assuming if Warhol were still alive he’d have thought something similar.. “oh, that’s terrible..” I soon wandered into the park to read but it started raining so I retreated to the nearest Starbucks (I know, but they have bathrooms!) and loitered there until I met up with my friends for the show. Now, if your unfamiliar with X, well, get familiar.. ahahah. They are on a current tour with no opening bands but instead playing a film before hand that is chock full of great material. Read more here: !!! and here: !!!!  Below are some stills I was able to capture.

 Irving Plaza (it was previously called the Fillmore..)

I think John Doe is cute.

I was able to capture the Wolf !!!


Billy Zoom kind of creeps me out but this is a good picture so no matter..



Tale of a Brooklyn Brunch

Today I enjoyed a much favored past time on a Sunday almost afternoon… the art of brunch! I met up with a few lovely lady friends and ate my last real food for the next few weeks as I will be starting my cleanse tomorrow (I was not supposed to eat any of this 24hrs prior so I broke the rules already basically(no caffeine, heavy carbs, etc just light meals aka healthy stufff) .. but just LOOK at these items and I’m sure you would have done the same…

Papacitos Brooklyn

Siberian Suntan: A Vegan White Russian topped with cinnamon with a slight tropical twist, interesting flavor mix

Chocolate encrusted french toast with pasilla and cinnamon maple syrup

Afterwards we went to a local health food store and bought some goodies and I spotted this babeh on the street, notice the “hood” ornament. Now I am home cleaning up and waiting for my delivery of the joulebody program to show up… Hope your Sunday is as relaxing as mine has been so far!