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Behind the scenes


“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”- Wizard of Oz.
I finally decided to come out(not the closet)after talking to my Mum I decided I needed to have more transparency in my writing.
The truth as We all know it  is that life is not a happy Facebook status.Just like a Broadway show a lot goes on behind the curtain, and it’s not always pretty. In the very early stages of my recovery I was deeply depressed and of the belief I had lost everything in the prime of my life.I can recall a Nurse from the Hospital mentioning how I used to(in, inpatient rehab) randomly yell out of nowhere.I know why I was doing this, it was because I absolutely thought I had lost everything so it would build up into random screams and even late night full on crying panic attacks.The unfortunate truth is that depression is a part of many of our lives.When I found myself at the end of my rope, hope in a future and recovering is what saved me.I know there are loads of medications to help you deal when things get jagged.However, in not wanting to subsist on a high dose of synthetic drugs,I decided to turn inward rather then outside of myself.What I discovered was that I am far stronger and more resilient then I had ever known and I also became more spiritual.Because in a time of desperation I needed more than positive thinking,I needed a miracle.In a search for my own remedies to maintain my sanity I came across ways to help other people.If nothing else this tragic event has produced things in me that has seemingly created a wiser “old soul,” so my friend here is a list of things to help you if you find yourself depressed.
Consume more omega 3 fatty acids.
Engaged activity.
Physical activity.
Sunlight exposure.
Social support.

For a more comprehensive detailed list hop over here.
In this ever winding journey may you always find the light and beauty.



ImageIn talking to a friend recently it was pointed out that  “it’s better to have loved&lost then to have never loved  at all” this can be applied to a host of things from broken relationships to broken dreams and so forth the best thing to do is focus on the positive and maintain a stiff upper lip(without denying your feelings of course),and to march on no matter how sad you may be and keep in mind things could also  sometimes mimic a boomerang  and return to you. It helps to speak into life what you wantWhen situations seem especially bleak you just have to cling to what you love and who loves you.Sometimes no one can love you as much as you(hopefully)love yourself

At any rate stay strong and carry on!

Even if that  sometimes involves not thinking at all,keeping occupied, or avoiding the subject, either way surround yourself with as much positive content as your able,keep up hope,and always strive for more,even when it seems elusive don’t fret but keep in mind that in this life, magic(it does exist!) happens when you least expect it.