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Through the Looking Glass

“ ‘Closed timelike curve’ is the jargon for time travel. It means you go out, come back and meet yourself in the past.”-Kip Thorne.

As I stood at the gates next to my Father  I could nearly grasp those lost childhood years. The now abandoned  park that I gazed into was once teeming with  activity. However, now it stands a silent and still monument to  an era of magic.  Originally built in 1963 and closed down in 1999,  The Prehistoric Forest (or “Dinosaur Land”)encapsulated a few years of my life within it.While I  gazed into the park with a myriad  number of mixed emotions welling up inside me; I  imagined as I shrunk back into a child the park grew up  full life again. There exists throughout time and space pieces of us and our hearts wherever we’ve passed. In this case a road side attraction had  pieces of my beloved childhood memories within it. Beyond the fence  meant to keep me out, lay 8 acres of overgrown trails, random dinosaur(some broken)sculptures, and  a precious piece of me. It nearly felt as if  there was an invisible wall and  I could walk through into  my memory. So badly did I desire to relive that period, but alas time marches on with or without us. What it does leave behind for us are the memories. Even though I couldn’t physically  be back inside of that memory,  I was surrounded by the ghosts of it. I found it funny that present day I was standing in front of this park with the very people who lived in that memory with me, my Mom and Dad. Nothing will make you  cherish your life more then standing in front of the ruins of it, from a marvelous  period gone by. I could see a little me excitedly grabbing my Dad’s hand and crunching across the gravel to the now empty souvenir shop. “I want the  neon triceritops stuffed animal Dad!”  Although this place was fading away as each page of time was turned, it remained as vivid as ever within my memories. My Parents are  getting older and showing signs of wear, but here, in my memory they are always young. Never had inanimate objects made me consider my mortality more. I thought of all those moments that seem to go by unnoticed while they’re happening, but later become wholly significant. Because even as your living it that time  will hold great value in the future. Therefore, take lots of pictures, slow down, and tell the people whom deserve it that you love them every chance you get. To  learn and see more about my memory, click here!



Whoa oh, ho, it's Monday!

*blogged after a lazy Saturday and a grilled hamburger*
Yet again it’s Monday you know. Perhaps it’s not exactly magic to you  but it  certainly  can be! Therefore, to help ease you into this week here’s a list of  seven things that should be on your radar, one for each day!
1)Broadway Plays!

My oh my, are good plays overly expensive. However, sometimes it’s totally worth it. I was having a major hankering for some artistic fulfillment so I  made the splurge this time. It’s even better when you can share it with  someone you love. Therefore, I’m also taking a lovely little cousin to Her first play. You can never start em’ too young. Not to mention it’s   the best way to spend two hours of your life, rather then on Facebook people.
2) The Henry Norman  Hotel Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

This place puts the H in hip, with it’s amazing location and loft style living rooms. They have a curated mini bar full of locally produced goods, and some stellar doormen  that make you feel fancy. Not to mention the  sleek  cars they will freely chauffeur you in around Brooklyn. I can’t say enough lovely things about how great this place is. So, if your holiday destination is in New York  City,  stay here and live like a local not a tourist!
3) Hard Root Beer

Pictured: Not your Father’s  hard root beer, and Coney Island hard root beer. I have not been into anything with the label hard on it since sneaking ” beverages,” into  my underage slumber parties. I also, didn’t realize that root beer, which is already good  could be greatly improved upon with the addition of alcohol and a nifty label.
4) Pleasant Ebay Transactions – the money and the people who part with it-
It’s not often you have sweet interactions with complete strangers on the internet(unless you’re being a creeper) usually  never making face to face contact with someone is  impersonal, but sometimes you get surprised. I’ve been  a highly rated seller(bragging rights) on Ebay for quite sometime and I still get surprised. To  give you an idea, here are some of my favorites. Recently a  Husband purchased an anniversary  gift for his Wife from me, and We discussed when to ship it so it could be  a surprise for Her. Another,  was  with a kind young Lady that was enthusiastic and interested in my item, and as a follow up happily let me know how much She liked it upon receipt. You just don’t get those kinds of interactions  everyday as a seller, and I love when I do!
5) Coffee Wars!?
For a time I  boycotted the billionaire beans peddler Starbucks in favor of local small  coffee shops. Many of us already know it’s over rated but even so, I still get surprised when I find good coffee for under  $3.00.  One such case recently was our Canadian friends Tim Horton’s. Even though I’ve consumed enough Starbucks to be a card carrying gold member(oh how I’ve turned from my ways!) I still try to support smaller businesses as much as possible. Besides, I’m only a gold member for the benefits!
6) Childhood Memories
Many of you have positive memories of your youth(I hope) but nothing  tears at your emotions quite like visiting places  from your younger self. Recently I had the pleasure(and displeasure) of standing mere feet away from my favorite childhood destination, the prehistoric forest. As I imagined myself getting smaller  I could see the now abandoned(tears) park coming back to life. This was the place that held so many childhood memories for me, and all I wanted to do was go back!
7) Mother’s Day everyday
If you’re in the U.S, I presume that since yesterday you have hugged, kissed, and even given your Mommy a present.  It’s probably good for your bank account this doesn’t happen everyday. However, your Mother  is still your Mom everyday! Therefore, if you can’t afford to buy Her things all the time, at least show some appreciation kids.
Last but not least, the drink! A chocolate margarita, find the recipe here.

earthbound alien


“Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.”

― Rick Warren.

You might as well stop trying to fit in now, because you were never supposed to. We  have spent so much time in our lives trying to “fit in,”  but no one was told that were not actually meant  to. The world was not to be riddled with strife, wars,  poverty ,sicknesses, and spiritual darkness were  not to have a place in it. Many times if not all, we’re our own worst enemy.  As  an example think of the disease of cancer, it has been studied and traced back to some foods(processed,GMO) and chemicals. Who created all that food and  made the chemicals(usually for profit)?   If you  guessed people(us) you are correct !   In having  self centered desires and the lust for money, people voluntarily choose to harm each other. The very act of trying  to fit in brings about   the bullying, but who’s doing it? Other people, or are we doing it to ourselves? In fact it’s better not to conform to the majority of this world, because more often then not average  is becoming the  status quo. Just as children are slowly bullied into becoming like everyone else, so are we by the world and its systems. However, there is an inherent problem in being like everyone else, not only is it boring, but it has a way of dimming  the light  we originally entered the world with. Each of us are born bright with optimism, drive, imagination, and  a lack of awareness of other people. As we grow, the ebb and flow of society slowly encourages us to join the crowd, heightens our awareness of others causing comparisons, and  works out the wild and free spirits we’re born with. If  were able to protect and retain these spirits from the world that wants to steal them we become conquerers. We overcome the petty preoccupations and can’t be bothered by what other people think. Therefore, don’t be afraid of  being  amused   and wondered like a child or hiding your quirks. Those are the very things that the  world  is jealous of and sets out to steal. Your childlike spirit is a precious gem to be protected and valued, so enjoy it and don’t be afraid to show it!

Cheers child!


Just Kids


         “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.”

-Tom Stoppard

So, why did  you grow up?  As kids, we were all in a hurry to be a “grown up.” Anticipating staying up as late as we wanted and eating ice cream for breakfast. However, once we got there it turned out that eating healthy and getting regular sleep was more sensible. What happened to our freedom of choice as grown ups? Even more so, where did that childhood wonder run off to? The World played its  hand in eking out most of it from us through time. Those of us that managed to hold on to some of it, flourished in  our levels of happiness and were called “easily amused.”   The presence of an overactive imagination and silly sense of humor faded out with our dislike for taking baths. As those traits began to fade, we acquired new ones of stress and responsibility. With the age of a grown up finally reached and all the new freedoms, why did we restrict ourselves!? Did the popular opinion  to  sway towards being boring come from jealousy?  Perhaps the majority was envious of the minority who managed to retain some of that magical  childhood  spunk.  The world is far easier to navigate if you can  manage to evade the sinister stress monster or find the magic in the mundane. Both  of which are qualities we had as children that the jealous world attempted to rob us  of. How could we let this happen? Generations have come and gone having forgotten about their childhood dreams. Didn’t anyone get the memo that we’re allowed to do whatever we want now!?  While unfortunately you do have to conform to the World’s system, you don’t have to conform to its mindset. Try to find that stubborn  little kid inside and  don’t  fear the path of resistance. Most will choose the path of least resistance, which usually leads nowhere all that wonderful. We may have been  forced or in a hurry to grow up, but this is one instance where being behind  is actually beneficial.

find your *magic* and keep it!


It Ain’t Easy Being Green


“Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”  -Jim Henson.

We all know the pangs of jealousy by the time were deemed adults. However, for some of us  the green monster  left it’s former residence from under our beds and instead follows us around. I used to over analyze and compare myself and that old neighbor would sneak up  on me. Except after  I had the realization that everyone has a hard time in one way or another, you simply cannot  compare yourself. Besides I have grown to like who I am, problems and all. Of course I’m not  completely devoid of conflicting emotions, but  when that green monster  becomes so small you nearly forget about him  the world gets better.  When  Life lacks the presence of jealousy  it’s freeing. To  no longer worry or compare oneself leaves you loads more time and moments to focus on yourself. Pretty soon you’ll find that when jealousy leaves so does envy. Now were talking  not just more freedom, but the ability to run wild in the streets! The less you let these petty emotions  dwell in your heart the more room you’ll have  for love. Not only for yourself but also  for other  people too. I have found my lack of jealousy or envy to be refreshing.Firstly I don’t bother  wasting  as much time any longer. The elimination of that distraction and more time has  culminated in being more content and focused. It has allowed  me to experience more happiness and brainstorm  more ideas that excite me. When I was able to shrink the green monster into a more manageable size He bothered me less and less. Oddly enough what did the trick was ignoring him. Rather then  his voice becoming louder it slowly quieted down.  As I get further  and further away from being a  child, I learn that perhaps I was actually  more intelligent  back then! Surely I was  even more straightforward, honest, and not afraid to blurt out the truth and nearly embarrass someone. The difference now being that I have more tact. However, it turns out Kermit the frog had  a valuable life less to share with me after all these years. Sometimes going backwards allows you to better move forward. Not unlike those wind up cars you pull back, only to let them go and send them flying forward. Soon after  the massive stroke(see here) I complained nearly everyday that I was going backwards rather than forward like I should be. However, I’m beginning to see that going backwards is not so terrible after all. Besides as it turns out, I was  more open,content, and smarter as a kid!

Cheers and childhood years,