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My Blogcademy Chicago Scholarship Entry



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What  do people and the general public know about blogs?

-Very little.

What do people know about the type of person who blogs?


-Even less.

A beauty queen?  A troublemaker?A nerd? A sports aficionado? An oddball?

It’s a veritable blogger Breakfast Club!



In my experience few   people know  of the great things  that can be done by simply  putting your fingers to keyboard keys

It also doesn’t hurt   to have a great imagination  and creative flair (not flare)

It may appear to be a mindless diary or  just have a good design aesthetic…

It’s anything but!

As  Women We have enough beauty magazines to tell us what to buy,how to look,or how to be better…

Instead We need a positive forum to  connect,network,and show that were pretty inside and out!


It may be a  “Man’s World” but  why don’t  We make that a Woman‘s  world?

with pink combat boots and all!


Why I think  I should win: 

I  was actually all set to attend Blogcademy   NYC but 2 weeks before at the age of 28(I’m now 30)I suffered a  massive stroke and  besides serious Hospitalization I missed out on quite  a few things,too many to bear…. -BUT- after being motivated to   create this essay/scrapbook for  a scholarship to the class it helped to really motivate my creative gears to begin moving again after being in a long depressive slump.

I believe the  blog “phenomenon” could help many others and the reason I entered to win this,this time around is because due to mounting medical bills,it’s the only way I can afford to go….

Thank you for your time,and good luck to all entries! I hope to see you all soon








The Road to Recovery…


On October 12th of 2012 in upstate Newyork  at the age of 28 I had  a massive stroke out of nowhere,but now a little over a year of  recovery time,I am in therapy on a weekly basis,its been a hard road…We put a years worth of miles on our car in half the time…

There are several types of therapies to keep you moving…


  1. Physical Therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy
  3. Massage Therapy(which dealt with getting nerves to wake up again)this was considered to be an alternative therapy
  4. Suit Therapy-which is typically for children with Cerebral Palsy but helps to activate
  5. Speech underused muscles 6. Speech TherapySincemy discharge from Inpatient Rehab(all 64 days of it…) I have been on a weekly schedule of therapy and Doctor visits,which at first were arduous,but now have become routine as I make my way back into some normalcy in what as been a  very irregular and difficult time period in my life thus far,now all I can do is continue to work,persevere,and keep hope.Never has the saying “One day at a time been more relevant,as well as the term ‘Patience of a Saint’  While  recovering and  being less independent I have had to learn how to be patient and wait for nearly everything, which has probably been  one of the larger  changes,coming from being a fiercely independent woman….
  6. Barwis Method is ran by College    Football Strength&Conditioning Coach,legendary Mike Barwis out of Plymouth,Michigan, the training facility consists of an area for weights and modified workout machines(built by personal specifications according to Mike) as well as an indoor field,He physically challenges athletes and laymen alike and of all physical rehab I have done his is my favorite.These days Mike is a hard guy to catch as He builds a new  center and more recently has begun filming on American Muscle,soon to be on  the Discovery Channel.I have been lucky to meet this forward thinking trainer,not to mention a person that like most rather than being self focused chooses to take time to help others.

A poem upon parting……

One ship drives East,
and another drives West,
With the self-same winds that blow;
Tis the set of the sails, and not the gales,
Which tells us the way to go.

Like the winds of the sea are the ways of fate,
As we voyage along through life;
Tis the set of the soul that decides its goal,
And not the calm or the strife.

-Ella Wheeler Wilcox

XO   **BLEU**






ImageIn talking to a friend recently it was pointed out that  “it’s better to have loved&lost then to have never loved  at all” this can be applied to a host of things from broken relationships to broken dreams and so forth the best thing to do is focus on the positive and maintain a stiff upper lip(without denying your feelings of course),and to march on no matter how sad you may be and keep in mind things could also  sometimes mimic a boomerang  and return to you. It helps to speak into life what you wantWhen situations seem especially bleak you just have to cling to what you love and who loves you.Sometimes no one can love you as much as you(hopefully)love yourself

At any rate stay strong and carry on!

Even if that  sometimes involves not thinking at all,keeping occupied, or avoiding the subject, either way surround yourself with as much positive content as your able,keep up hope,and always strive for more,even when it seems elusive don’t fret but keep in mind that in this life, magic(it does exist!) happens when you least expect it.

These Days

On October 12,2012 I suffered a massive stroke that  has  surely  changed things ,mine will be a story of recovery and fighting the good fight to get back what I lost as well  as be grateful for the things I still have and can offerI have found very little in the way of fellow young survivors save for one,Nina from Boston,Massachusetts who had one at the age of26Shehas a great quirky blog check it out here——>POP!


These Days….

On October 12 of 2012 I   suffered a massive stroke at the age of twenty eight I personally  have found very little in the way of other young survivors except Nina from Boston who has a great quirky blog whom also had a stroke but at an even younger age of twenty six,check it out here—-—->POP! I plan on sharing my story of rehabilitation and fighting the good fight to regain what was lost,please feel free to share and/or contact me( with any questions or ideas/stories,Thanks for reading!!

Cheers!Picture 80

Lets Take Over the World

-And other tales from the ambitious front line


I have been walking in circles, how frustrating is it when life becomes a string of work, work, home, work.. ahhh ! There is more, there HAS to be more then the 4 concrete walls inside which I live. It doesn’t help that I get bored easily.. I can recall long periods of time spent laying on my bed staring at the ceiling before finally deciding to get up and retreat to my Mother to exclaim “I’m Bored” to which she replied “Someday you’ll wish you were bored.” or threats of “I’ll find something for you to do..” Really?

I often now know what she meant, back then all my responsibilities consisited of -Go To School, and thats it… oh how nice it was to be bored!!

But alas I get bored now, more so… restless

I always feel more content around the people I love, naturally….when left to my own devices for long stretches of time I either get weirder and sometimes quieter (yes, I do actually stop talking at some point, believe it or not)

So fellow humans reading this article what is the solution to this boredom? Well, since I can’t magically move my very best friends and family here to be my neighbors or at least be within weekend visit driving distance.. ALAS….. luckily growing up an only child (please do not be biased, I am not one of those only children, really.) has provided an excellent capacity to entertain oneself and not feel so lonely as a “lone wolf” … Also everyone struggles with boredom and visits Bummerville from time to time.. (Note* Bummerville is nowhere near Margaritaville because the general population hates Jimmy Buffet’s music)

So perhaps not only I but you need the reminder.. Life is full of the following wonderful things..

KittenspuppiesLaughingFriendsFamilyLOVEgoodfood-Icecream!!FALL.Sledding.Humor.Beer.Art.Music.Beautiful things abound! Leaps and jumps of inspiration.luck.hope.dreams.Travel.Cupcakes.ComicBooks.Dinosaurs. and…. pretty much anything else that gives you a glimpse into a better place then the grind we have all created for ourselves and seem to be stuck in at times… Just a friendly reminder that the universe is ever expanding so don’t shut down but expand out with it.. putting limits on yourself in any way is going against nature. Really. And.. I’ve heard Mother Nature isn’t always that forgiving so you better open up and smile.

Notice money is nowhere on the list, honestly, it is the root of all evil and nothing but paper. I worked as a Bank Teller for awhile and at first handling it all you picture this in your head..


But it quickly becomes this after sometime…


I would be in awe of how much people cared about it really. You obviously need it to spin the cogs to live in this world however… it certainly does not buy happiness. Be smart with your money though and you can accomplish a lot of meaningful things however (See also: Altruism, helping family, taking care of your loved ones, buying puppies and kittens?!?!) ha, Why Not?

Cheers my friends.


This title is optional.

WHOA ! Its been a long time ! I’m writing to you all from a purple couch with a snoring kitty (tiny little snores) smooshed up next to my leg. So much has happened, I atteneded PAX East (a nerd convention) in Boston Massachusetts, decided to reform my previous shop-o-holic ways .. I’m selling my life on ebay—see it here  ——>  Out with the old, In with the new, and I also attended a screening of James Franco’s The Broken Tower… which as far as I knew was a new film but in researching it more today I think perhaps it was new in 2011 but this was his official East Coast Debut?? Anyhow.. it was held at the IFC Center in NYC and he introduced the film before hand.. I was indeed about 5 ft away from him.. he looked high.. cute but still high. It was not a bad film but more interesting mostly because the way it was shot was nice and the storyline (Franco’s interpretation of a poet’s life Hart Crane) wasn’t bad either, I mostly liked the few comedic moments involving him working at a NYC ad agency the best.. otherwise it was on the slow side (as Franco pre-warned us) and I don’t think it was bad or good, just.. interesting. Perhaps you can check it out for yourself (=


I think the most interesting thing of all is that Franco Directed and Acted in it, which are two completely different modes of thinking and working, I imagine it difficult to separate the two?? A gallant effort indeed and I applaud anyone ambitious enough to do things above and beyond most people, whether good or bad, its admirable.  In other news I will be dusting off the Vespa from its long winter slumber. Any suggestions for names? I have yet to name it… maybe this year will be the year… I used to name my cars so why not other modes of transportation as well??

This year also I am embarking on the task of trying to get my very own apartment *dun*dun*dun* 


I really really hope I find a place. I have been extremely lucky/blessed so far in NYC, the last thing besides pursuing my daydreams more is to establish my own space. Granted roommates make it more affordable and if I must I must BUT wouldn’t it be nice to have a little spot in the sun to call my own?? I can’t deal with anymore jerks ! I deserve much much better then to feel like a guest in my own home. (sorry to vent, I’d rather not talk about it! On to bigger and better things..)

A pet would be nice too… Any pet suggestions???  Hedgehog?? Baby Goat?? Kitty? I would say dog but I am simply not home enough and they are expensive!!

Tomorrow is the Brooklyn Flea, I’ll put something more comprehensive up soon for your reading pleasure.. Have a lovely weekend Ladies and Gents !!

Cheers !


P.s. Here is a song and dance for ya’ !! Good Bad, Not Evil. The best kind.


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