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Behind your eyelids.


I can’t be the only dreamer.. I know I’m not, but perhaps just maybe I am too much of a daydreamer… I am a pro at “zoning out” so much so my Mother thought I was deaf as a child.. what can I say? Somewhere along the way for whatever reason (I have my theories) I tuned out of the mundane and at times dark world and tuned into my own channel. I got really good at ignoring things. Perhaps I developed a decreased attention span? Is it because I’m a.d.d. ? A bad listener? Is it a coping mechanism learned as a child? A dreamer through and through… I think its all of the above. No matter. The point is, (is there one?) I got to thinking about this because as with all challenges focus is one of mine and please oh please if you know me don’t get offended at my lack of attention or bad memory when it comes to birthdays and names and..( ahahah I’m not that bad.! !) Its just that sometimes everyone escapes in one way or another, I just got really good, (so good it happens unconsciously more often then not), at escaping to “Planet X” (as  I always called it). Luckily those who love me put up with it *wink* but like anything I am working to improve it… Life is funny isn’t it? I don’t make plans I just go with it and I find that the best… along the way I learn learn learn..what have you learned lately?



The North Star

I used to want to be Peter Pan, and if not Peter Pan certainly one of the Lost Boys running wild in the woods with a mess of hair and a wooden sword shoved into a makeshift belt, whooping indian calls with feathers in my hair and dirt under my nails, not to mention being able to fly. Who am I kidding? I still want all that, just fly towards the second star to the right and straight on til’ morning.Who wouldn’t want to live here!?

Dreamy Tuesday.

So its still the beginning of the week… ah well, never too early to daydream. After all, dreams do come true!

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