Oh, hey it's margarita Monday!

*blogged after a Dunkin’ Donuts chocolate glazed donut, Oh Yeeaah..*

So, are you getting sick of Mondays,margaritas,and me yet? Has my drink pushing caused you to join Alcoholics Anonymous? If so I deeply apologize, and please don’t blame it on Monday.  He didn’t do anything I swear. In fact, He has only been trying to offer you  a new start and some extra time(120 hours actually) this whole year so far! Going forward with that new information I hope you’re able to forgive him. Therefore, here it is,  7 things for each  day of the week, I hope you like it!

  1. Upscale Resale Howell, Michigan.


Dear God this resale shop is so nice it made me feel slightly under dressed.  Instead of buying from the conventional mall or a  department store, upscale resale shops are so much better. Not only can you consign your discarded clothing for some extra cash  but  this avoids  further contributing to  all the stuff already in land fills! By supporting these types of shops you help decrease on the clothing industries wastefulness. It’s like a  recycling center for clothes. Instead of trashing your stuff  why not sell it? Also, purchasing  previously owned designer things at a discounted price not only saves you money but cuts down on the amount of stuff  occupying  space in the Earth and in numerous stores. Our Mother Earth will thank you for helping Her get healthier. If you enjoy shopping then you probably know what the best part of cleaning out your closet is, …getting new stuff! It’s much more economical and  eco- friendly to go the resale shop route.

2) Starbucks Gold Membership

This is a great option if you find yourself  at Starbucks a lot, it actually saves you money, and if you’re paying five dollars for a coffee then you could probably use it. All you do is download the Starbucks app and register a card(gift cards are good for this) and through the app you can start earning rewards. Earn enough “stars,” and you’ll become a gold member – cue the oohs and ahs-    This means you’ll qualify for free stuff!  While the whole rewards program is really a gimmick to get you to spend more money, if you are a frequent customer it really can benefit you. Because, after all we all know more money is the last thing Starbucks needs! However, you can use the program to your advantage(take that  big business! Not to mention, you  get a fancy pants membership card that will impress your friends and strangers alike. That is, if you’re into that sorta thing. Otherwise just enjoy your free drink rewards and order the largest one possible, because you can.

3) The Kids Section?

Why is it, that at nearly every store(I’m lookin’ at you Target) the kids section is so much better!?   Just because I  “grew up,” doesn’t mean that suddenly I’m boring. I’d like some bright, whimsical, and cheery designs for me too thank you very much. If your in ned of a pick up to  the doldrums of the “Adult,” decor I suggest checking out the kids section. It’s there you’ll find a bright pink flowered hand towel, and that’s sure to bring some more fun into your visual life! Personally I prefer some cute kid touches floating around my space because it’s not so boring and can actually help your blaise moods sometimes! So, don’t be afraid, just take a stroll through  the kids section every once in awhile.  I promise it won’t hurt.

4) Dylan’s Candy Bar

While I know this place doesn’t need any reps from me, I’m going to do it anyway. Why? As above, the whole place is a kids section!   The daughter of illustrious 1990’s designer Ralph Lauren, Dylan Lauren owns it, hence the name. It may just be a candy store but it’s actually  pretty fun place. It’s even better if you have a sweet tooth(like me) that requires appeasement once in awhile. While  this particular candy shop doesn’t come cheap, you’ll be sure to find at least one special item to enjoy.  If you can control yourself and not fill up your basket Dylan’s is very  affordable.

5) 7  Star Replica Handbags

Up until today I thought knock off or “inspired,” handbags were just fake designer purses. You could buy them in China Town NYC, in a creepy secretive way and they break super easy and that’s that. However, woe as me was I wrong! As it turns out they(whomever they are) have a rating system for replica handbags. A seven star rated bag means that it’s the closest thing to real you can get and they’re made much better then the ones from China Town. As it turns out, you can get them online(bad idea) but they can also be found in select upsale resale shops like #1!  In fact, I put a very nice Chanel number on layaway today.

6) TonyMoly Face   Masks


If you want flawless skin, follow the lead of those who have it. This is where Korean Beauty comes in. Many of the “Asian persuasion,” have beautiful skin. Therefore, not too long ago Korean beauty products became popular. Not only are they exotic but  also fun, bubble  masks anyone? This particular line has a slew of very nice and effective face sheet masks. You might feel a little bit like Hannibal Lecter wearing it for 30 minutes but you’ll feel fabulous(and look it) after it’s off! You can find them on Amazon here.

7) The Jungle Book in 3D 

This popular Children’s tale by Rudyard  Kipling comes to life and in your face in this Disney directed film. It not only features the voices of  Christopher Walken, Bill Murray, and Scarlett Johansson, but the  CGI and 3Danimation is stellar! All the animals are so well done you’ll just want to reach out and pet them pretty badly, especially if you love animals. Overall the storyline flows well, the visuals are great, and it will leave you smiling. Therefore go see it before it’s out of theaters!

And finally, the drink! A cool as a cucumber cilantro margarita that  will refresh you and make others green with envy. Find the recipe here.




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