Margarita Monday

It’s that time again… no, not Christmas thank God. Whether you wanted it to happen or not, it’s here  Monday funday! So, cheer up and make the next  five days and 120 hours count. The question isn’t  will you, but how are you going to do that? Well, for starters take stock, make some lists, and decide which goal  you’re going to focus on. Therefore,( for now) sit back relax  and enjoy this list of seven things that should be on your radar. One for each glorious day of the week.

#1) Jonathan Adler vice collection.

Oh, Jonathan you pricey and chic designer you.

As much as I wanted these when they first came out, I couldn’t justify spending a small fortune to hide my imaginary(or not) stash of uppers. However, these are not only funny but quite cute and functional. If you’ve ever read Valley of the Dolls(you so should) you’ll probably want one. Just try not to clutter up your vanity top with too many cute boxes, although I’m guilty of doing that too!

#2) Marimekko Target collection.

The sixties  may have been over forty years ago, but  this company has kept its style alive. However, not at 1960’s prices. Fortunately  though, you’re in luck because Target has swooped in(yet again) with an affordable designer collaboration. You can bet when it drops in stores and online April 17th I’ll be there, ready to warm up my credit card by sliding it through check out.  The odds are decent that this collection will go fast, so give it a looksie(made up word) for yourself.

#3) Vfish Chicago.

Not only is this a super comfy and cute brand but the origin of its name is spectacular.

The name was inspired by the founder’s  beautiful and  bad ass Grandmother Vera Fishbough, hence the name. It’s worth giving them a visit, and you  can do that online here.

I have a few very soft and comfy pieces from them that I really like, so  here’s a hint  get the leggings!

#4) Lola Star.

There are quite a few shops and eateries lining the infamous Coney Island boardwalk, but nothing caught my eye quite like this  awesome little shop. Not only is it super cute and kitschy, but the   adorable owner designs all the  cool shirts herself! Not to mention She attended   a  good art school located in my “home town!” So of course I was drawn to this shop even more, and not just because of the pink unicorns. It’s simply just a   unique and cool shopping destination on the boardwalk. Can’t seem to get to the East  Coast of the U.S? Well, you’re in luck because you can shop online! Just go here, and while your at it look up Her new shop in Rockaway too. Overall this girl created a  good brand, and is full of fun things(ie  hula classes, roller rinks, and LOTS of pink!

#5) Conscious Closets.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.58.22 PM

This may sound like a lot of work, but it’s not just for hippies and tree huggers. The fact is, our culture is incredibly wasteful. A large part of this waste has been what they call “fast fashion,” so try to avoid those bargain stores like Forever 21 and H&M. The video below will help explain this a bit more, so watch it! Pretty please?


#6) Get a smashbook!?


To summarize what a smashbook is, it’s like  a scrapbooking speed round. You don’t have to make it pretty, just stick and glue(with notes if you wish) the things you like in a handy book you can keep them all in. The reason this is helpful is because it can really help declutter your space. Instead of scraps of paper and pictures randomly pasted on your walls or cork board, why not  put them all in a book? Putting all your favorite images or quotes in one place gets them off the wall and really opens up your space. Not only that but you’ll still have them all! Just in a cute book.. If  you don’t know where to start, check THIS out. Having a more minimal  space allows for increased productivity and a clearer mind. Therefore, I really recommend doing this, especially in your office space!

#7) The Rustbelt Market in Ferndale, Michigan.

I can’t rep this place enough because it’s so unique and cool. Not only does it support local artisans and independent business but it  is SO FUN! One building that houses a collection of cool vendors that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’d like to get more details  about this place check out my blog post about it here.

Lastly, Cheers! with a blackberry thyme margarita. Find the recipe here.


Drink up!


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