Growing Pains


“Those with the strength to succeed in the long run are the ones who lay a firm foundation of growth with the bricks that life has thrown at them.” -Marc and Angel Hack Life.

Let’s face it, growing can be painful.  Not just physical growth but emotional  growth as well.  Your bones stretch,  sometimes you even break them, hormones change, and your feelings get hurt. All throughout life we continue to grow, and it seems it never stops hurting does it? Just when you think you’re invincible your armor gets pierced by that big bully  named life. However, even though  some of us learn to dodge or withstand the attacks sometimes it  looks as though the bully has won the fight. Except,  here’s the thing, you’re not allowed to give up mid battle. Because if you do that, how will you ever  live to see the other side to your victory?   As tiresome as it feels, with determination  you still manage the energy to carry on. It’s no secret that we all have wanted to give up but look,  it is then you found that little piece of coal to keep the fire going.  This is why we need stories and inspiration, to stoke the fire and bring it to an appropriate roar. There is no way we’re going to let Goliath win the fight! I don’t care how small I may seem, my spirit can rise up to  giant heights, and so can yours. So big in fact, that you tower over Goliath. It was when I looked to be at my weakest that I found my strength. How? Because, giving up or giving in is not an option. Even though a rock would be lovely to crawl under sometimes, we must overturn  the rocks. Because,  if you hide underneath a rock you’ll suffocate. No matter how you feel, there’s something to be said for being seen regardless. It will do you good to carry onward and upward. Hold your head high no matter what! A ship reaches its destination when the sails are full(winds of inspiration?) and the rudder is facing the  direction in which it wants to go. The same can be said for which way your head is facing and the direction of your eyes.

sail on! and keep your head up.


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