"say cheese."

“The true warrior isn’t immune to fear, She fights in spite of it.” -Francesca Lia Block.

What’s the best memory  you have from your life? I asked my 97 year old Great Grandma. “ I don’t think about those things much anymore.” She replied. Whether it’s because She can’t remember or doesn’t want to I’m not sure, but regardless She still wanted  Her pictures in Her new room. Our memories like pictures can  bring us back to a specific time and place  and with them the same feelings. A picture can not only say a thousand words but can bring us back into a moment at  a precise point in  space and time. I used to collect  old pictures of strangers from antique shops and dream up stories about them. People often wish for a time machine, but we’ve already  built one, the camera. A photograph  like a memory fades over time, and you can never have too many of the good ones. But unlike memories photographs don’t rearrange themselves. Perhaps this is why we tend to value our photographs so much. We take them, even paying others to take them for us,compile them into books, and save them from  a fire. As a human race we collectively cherish our good memories. The reason for this is evident, life  can be hard! Having the ability to look back  and remember the good times is  often a life saver.  In the early days of my stroke recovery I found myself looking at pictures a lot to remind myself of the wonderful times I’ve had. This is also why when one begins to lose memory it’s so devastating. Much like photographs getting lost or burned up in a house fire. Except the house fire is in the form of a disease like alzheimers or dementia, and sometimes denial. When you’re having a difficult time it’s  vital to tell yourself the right kind of stories. Just as you would look at  happy pictures when your sad, see yourself as the hero and victor in your own story!

Take the good pictures!



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