hunger strikes


America is  full of  conveniences and fast  food  yet were starving. There are many countries that harbor starving citizens, and America is no exception. It would appear that the whole world is starving, but not only for food. There is such a lack of kindness or  acts for  the common good, that when it occurs it either seems out of place or people clamor to  witness it.  We think we want fame, food, and riches, but what we need is more love. We may be at the  top of the food chain or consider ourselves highly evolved but were actually quite simple. If you took away all the distractions and noise  of social media, advertising, and mass consumerism, We really only need basic things. Amid  all the hustle and bustle for what we think we want we’ve forgotten the most important thing, each other. In losing consideration for our fellow man we also lose ourselves. Perhaps  many won’t understand this, unless they’ve been  in need of help themselves.  When we’re selfish it doesn’t benefit us but actually harms us. In nature, it’s  been shown that when a member of the animal kingdom  is selfish, they  actually lower their ability to survive. It seems fit to argue then, that when people are selfish they don’t flourish. Indeed it’s when we help each other that  society as a whole gains. In a city  of millions, it’s not a popular web series that goes viral, but an act of kindness. Below, you too will  witness the results of a person  choosing to be selfless rather then selfish.


I know many starving artists(or actors) that would kill for the  number of views this video received. Yet  they’re not the ones getting all the attention, instead a simple act of human kindness is taking the cake. Clearly, we desire more then entertainment, but to have a real human connection. Therefore, don’t be afraid to let down your walls and extend a helping hand!

reach out and let in,


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