1940s-Dance-Party-vintage-photo“Faith is the  substance of things hoped for, and the evidence  of things not seen.”

Everyday you’re  free is cause for  a celebration. We are so accustomed to  our innate abilities to roam where We’d like  and do what We want that it is completely taken for granted. Most of us  have no knowledge of what it’s like to be limited. However, when you  actually experience  being limited, freedom becomes appreciated and tangible. Many of us don’t know what it  actually feels like to be free, even though We are everyday. The first time I felt  the true rush of freedom, I just stood there soaking it in and enjoyed the moment for  as long as I could.  For what has  seemed like an eternity, I have not been alone or free to roam where I please.  As it turns out  there is nothing to fear in being alone, because We aren’t and  it is refreshing to have a moment to yourself. How many times  did I wander unrestrained, and be completely unaware of what a privilege it  was?  After  enduring real limitations,  you realize the  value  of freedom and  why you need to break through those limitations. How many people place limitations on themselves that are  not only invisible but also unnecessary? When you have  complete freedom, of thought and in movement there is no reason or place for limitations. You have the freedom to travel, to choose, and to move(some do not. Choose the light over the dark,what  you feed  into is what grows. Delight in your blessings and abilites, and for God sake do not remain stagnant or still! If you asked a man who  was wheelchair bound what He wants to do most, He’d  likely tell you “run.” Therefore, run don’t walk past  any limitations and certainly don’t place any on yourself!

run, don’t walk and cheers!


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