On art and being human.

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” -Oscar Wilde.

How often is it   that you  find a person whom you’ve never met  that changes your life ? Even if it’s for only a day, it’s strange to think that  even those so close to you now, were once not in existence to your knowledge. Stranger still, is the strong impact a perfect stranger can have on you through the power of human expression. We’re all connected by an invisible tapestry of  networks, real or imagined. It’s through these networks and artistic merits, that  through time and space, the presence of another  can be felt. It is  in doing these these things, writing, painting, music, and theatre that  our personal or private life experiences become a shared one. Whether it’s through   the sonic landscape(music) the written word,film, or  the visual arts, it helps to know were not alone. You can find traces of  a shared human experience, woven  throughout  the artistic tapestry.  While technology has seemingly connected us in ways as never before, it cannot compare to the authentic emotions that are brought forth by a moving piece of art. We are one of the few creatures that possess the ability to create, and even fewer still possess the raw talent to bring  forth  a strong  piece that  speaks to our  souls. Each of us have our own particular brands of artistic expression, as unique as our fingerprints. It’s nearly impossible to explain art, because it is as broad as the ocean  is deep. What brings about “good art?”  The answer is simple, inspiration. An inspiration, that funnily enough comes from being exposed to the artistic expressions of another human being. This is where  the interconnectedness of the  human experience becomes all too apparent. For without each other  there  is no inspiration. The cogs  of the human machine come to a halt without the oil of inspiration to keep them turning. This is why We blog, why we create, and most importantly share. All these beautiful things are made in  an effort to grasp something real, in a sometimes very fake and chaotic  world.   Through the act of creating, were  bringing comfort to ourselves in knowing  we’re not alone, and at the same time reaching out our  proverbial hands in order to join them together. Therefore, run, jump, play, be wild, free, and most importantly, don’t cease creating.

Nice to “meet,” you.


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