Knights Wanted.


“True success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful”-Paul Sweeney.

If you’ve subscribed to  fail before you’ve even begun, your already a loser. Unfortunately people inherently enjoy seeing others fail. Therefore, this planet  has a serious lack of one key component for growth, and that  is the benefit of encouragement. All too often people  believe what they’re told they cannot do or achieve. Perhaps I’m disillusioned but I find   having the attitude of completely ignoring these naysayers allows you to  move forward, rather than remain stagnant. If you want to witness  a place that has the largest  amount of untapped potential, you should visit a graveyard. Because this defeatist attitude some people acquire is deadly, and can last a lifetime.  Consider all those people that believed they couldn’t, thus remaining a vessel carrying  about large amounts of untapped potential. All of us are capable of achieving our dreams in the face of adversity(whatever that may be. Your more than just a person, but also an overcomer! Against the odds and even logic, by adopting this attitude you can be a force of positive change. Whether  that change is in your own life or others, don’t hesitate to be stubborn or steadfast in the belief that you can reach your goal. In  fact don’t think that  setting the bar high is unachievable for you. Because, as evidenced by reaching my own bar(see here) it definitely is not! This is why it’s so crucial to be in an environment of support, love, and positivity.  Where  there is  strife and negativity, that little voice in your head espousing failure is  free to run wild. Sadly, most people won’t believe that they can overcome the odds until they’ve either   a) done it or b) grown up in a supportive environment. However, if you  don’t believe me, I offer up my own story as proof positive that you can indeed and  will overcome the  battles of life when you adopt the right attitude   and belief.

Cheers and onward!


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